Boris Johnson expresses "deep regret" over latest Brexit failure 1 year ago

Boris Johnson expresses "deep regret" over latest Brexit failure

Death, taxes and Brexit still not being done.

The scariest thing about Halloween for many people was the crushing confirmation that yes, Brexit continues to shamble on like a confused lumbering dinosaur.


It would probably be better for most people if Britain remained in the European Union, but Boris Johnson doesn't see it that way and his failure to "get Brexit done" means the soap opera continues.

The UK has officially been granted an extension until 31 January, 2020, a development that resulted in further criticism for the seemingly constantly under-fire British Prime Minister.

Speaking on Sky News' Ridge on Sunday programme, Johnson expressed his "deep regret" with regard to the latest delay, offering something of an apology when pushed.

Pressed by presenter Sophy Ridge, who reminded her guest repeatedly how he "broke his promises" about leaving the EU on 31 October, Johnson, despite conceding initially, opted for an attempt at defiance.

"Look at what we we said we'd do," he began.

"Go back to when I was on the steps of Downing Street a hundred days ago and I'd promised that we'd put 20,000 more police officers on the street, I promised we'd upgrade 20 hospitals... and I said that we'd get a great new deal.

"People said that was impossible. People said we wouldn't re-open the withdrawal agreement, we wouldn't be able to get out of the thing that was keeping the UK back, and we did. Plus we got parliament to say it was a good deal but then they refused to implement it."


Johnson then stressed that there was "bags of time" to complete said deal. This led Ridge to argue that he needs to accept responsibility for what followed.

"No, I do, I do, and I'm deeply, deeply disappointed," he noted.

"Are you sorry?" asked Ridge.

"Yes, absolutely. It's a matter of deep regret but what we need to do now is to get on and do it.

"The difference between this government and any other party is only this government offers a deal that is ready to go and a way of delivering it immediately in the middle of December, if we are lucky enough to get a majority."


As it stands, the UK has until December 2020 to negotiate a new trade deal with the EU.

Johnson later stated that he sees "no reason" to extend that deadline.