Boris Johnson's latest Irish border solution is utter nonsense 4 years ago

Boris Johnson's latest Irish border solution is utter nonsense

Boris Johnson has been on the offensive since resigning as Foreign Secretary.

This weekend, the weekend of the Conservative Party national conference, Johnson has called Prime Minister Theresa May's Brexit plans "deranged" and "preposterous".


However, it's clear to many that Johnson's solutions are not much better. In fact, they might even be worse.

Speaking in an interview with The Sunday Times this week, Boris Johnson proposed building a bridge between Great Britain and Ireland. Discussing potential solutions to the border issue, Johnson said: "“What we need to do is build a bridge between our islands. Why don’t we? Why don’t we?"

The "Brexit Bridge" would link Scotland and Northern Ireland, and cost £15 billion (€16.8 billion).

As the Brexit deadline of March 29, 2019 fast approaches with nary a solution to the Irish border problem nor a trade deal in sight, parties on all sides are starting to get extremely worried.


It doesn't seem plausible that Johnson is the right man to assuage these worries. Irish comedian Patrick Kielty took Johnson's most recent Telegraph column apart in a thread on Twitter on Friday evening.