Theresa May is considering delaying Brexit by up to two months 3 years ago

Theresa May is considering delaying Brexit by up to two months

A new report has revealed that Theresa May is considering delaying Brexit for up to two months.

A new report has found that Brexit could be delayed for up to two months under plans being considered by Theresa May to extend Article 50.


According to The Telegraph, Downing Street officials have drawn up a series of options in a bid to avoid resignations by ministers determined to support a backbench bid to take no deal off the table this week.

Theresa May has said that she will delay a meaningful vote on her deal by up to two weeks until March 12, just 17 days before the UK is due to leave the European Union.

As it stands, the deadline for when Britain has to leave the EU is 29 March of this year.

The plans that were drawn up by Downing Street officials will also see May make a formal request to Brussels to delay Brexit if a deal has not yet been secured.


This news comes just a number of hours after it was revealed that Brexit could be delayed until 2021, according to EU officials.

A lengthy extension of the negotiating period is said by a number of European Union sources to be favoured by Donald Tusk, the European council president, should the House of Commons continue to reject May’s deal.