This Michael D. Higgins teddy is going to be an absolute hit 5 years ago

This Michael D. Higgins teddy is going to be an absolute hit

Perfect for the Christmas stocking.

Michael D. Higgins was recently reelected as President of Ireland by a massive majority.


Higgins won with an extremely impressive 822,566 votes, and despite a low turnout, showed exactly how popular a character he remains in Ireland in 2018.

Which is why we expect these pint-sized Michael D. teddies to absolutely fly off the shelves.

Have a look at in all of its glory and tell us with a straight face that you don't want one of these.


Plus, he giggles when you squeeze his tummy...

Not only is it a cool little teddy, but it's also for a good cause too.

A portion of the proceeds will go to CMRF Crumlin, the fundraising body for Our Lady's Children's Hospital, Crumlin, to help fund medical research and strive for cures to childhood illnesses.


Fair play to them.

If history has taught us anything, these bad boys are going to sell out. And fast.

First, you had his official t-shirts selling out hours after first going on sale.

And then, the official Michael D. Higgins tea cosy - or Michael Tea Higgins to use the proper title - sold out entirely in four minutes.


So if you want one of these teddies, we recommend that you act fast.

More information on the product, such as how to order one, can be found here.