Comedian "wins Ukraine's presidential election by landslide" 1 year ago

Comedian "wins Ukraine's presidential election by landslide"

Exit polls suggest Volodymyr Zelenskiy has more than 70% support.

Volodymyr Zelenskiy, who played the president of Ukraine in a televised series, appears to have won the real-life presidential election by a landslide.


According to BBC, exit polls suggest that he has more than 70% of support. Meanwhile, polls gave current president Petro Poroshenko, who has been in power since 2014, 25% of the vote.

Exit polls are said to have a margin of error of 3%, so this looks like a done deal. So much so, that Poroshenko conceded defeat on Sunday and said he would leave office next month.

Speaking on Sunday, Zelenskiy celebrated by telling his followers that anything is possible:

He said: "I will never let you down... While I am not formally president yet, as a citizen of Ukraine I can tell all post-Soviet countries: 'Look at us! Everything is possible.'"

If polls are to be believed, he will be elected for a five-year term.

Throughout his campaign, Zelenskiy has promised to end the war in the eastern Donbass region and to root out corruption amid widespread outrage over the reduction in the standard of living in the country.

As mentioned previously, Zelenskiy is best known for the TV show Servant of the People in which his character accidentally becomes Ukrainian president.