Donald Trump says him losing his lead is "VERY STRANGE" 2 years ago

Donald Trump says him losing his lead is "VERY STRANGE"

And obviously, the capital letters were his doing, not ours.

Donald Trump has said him losing his lead over Joe Biden is "VERY STRANGE", and that the pollsters got it completely wrong.


The current US President provided his most recent update on his Twitter page, where he said that his lead "magically" began to "disappear", as the night went on.

It is believed by the experts that Biden is beginning to perform better as the mail-in ballots were being counted later than the physical ballots that were voted on the day.

It was anticipated that Biden would perform better via mail-in ballot, due to a number of different circumstances, including a major push for mail-in voting from the Democrats during the campaign.

Trump's tweet read: "Last night I was leading, often solidly, in many key States, in almost all instances Democrat run & controlled. Then, one by one, they started to magically disappear as surprise ballot dumps were counted. VERY STRANGE, and the “pollsters” got it completely & historically wrong!"


Since then, Trump has tweeted again, asking: "How come every time they count Mail-In ballot dumps they are so devastating in their percentage and power of destruction?"

As it stands, Biden holds a narrow lead in Nevada, while Trump holds leads in Georgia, North Carolina and Pennsylvania.


Importantly, Trump had held leads in Wisconsin and Michigan following early tallies but in the past few minutes Biden has taken a narrow lead (approximately 10,000 votes) in both of these states.

Earlier today, Trump wrongly said he had won the vote in the country and called for vote counting to halt, leading to a widespread backlash.

Updates to follow.