Joe Biden narrowly pulls ahead in crucial Michigan and Wisconsin voting 5 months ago

Joe Biden narrowly pulls ahead in crucial Michigan and Wisconsin voting

It's still too tight to call.

Joe Biden has amassed the second highest number of counted votes of any candidate ever in a US Presidential election.


He leads the popular vote by 2.3 million but with the Electoral College system in the US, the result is still too close to call.

A candidate needs to collect 270 votes in the Electoral College to win the presidency and at the time of writing, Joe Biden sits on 238 Electoral College votes while Donald Trump has 213.

The result is likely to boil down to a number of key swing states including Wisconsin, Michigan, Nevada, Georgia, North Carolina and Pennsylvania.

Whichever candidate can put together a combination of these states will win the election.

Biden currently holds a narrow lead in Nevada which has six votes while Trump holds leads in Georgia (16), North Carolina (9) and Pennsylvania (20).

Crucially, Trump had held leads in Wisconsin (10) and Michigan (16) following early tallies but in the last few minutes Biden has taken a narrow lead (just 10,000 votes) in both of these states.

If Biden can maintain these leads in Wisconsin, Michigan and Nevada he will have enough to reach the 270 votes required for the presidency.


Earlier today, Trump wrongly said he had won the vote in the country and called for vote counting to halt.

His proclamation received widespread criticism with Democrats and some Republicans calling it "undemocratic" and accusing Trump of throwing matches on a flammable situation.