Fianna Fáil plan to create a "Fix My Pothole" app as part of their 2020 manifesto 6 months ago

Fianna Fáil plan to create a "Fix My Pothole" app as part of their 2020 manifesto

It is listed on their "Ireland For All" campaign.

Still in the midst of a number of head-to-head debates, Fianna Fáil have released their 2020 Manifesto, which details the ways in which they plan to improve the running of the country.

As described in the foreword, "Ireland has many strengths, but we also face many serious challenges. The biggest of these is to make sure that we have a country which serves all of its people. People are struggling to access our health services when they need them.

"Communities feel abandoned and believe that decency and fairness have been forgotten. Far too many families are homeless and many people are struggling to pay high rents or to buy a home. However, Fine Gael are still proud of their record and it wants five more years in power with the same plans and the same Ministers. Ireland has had nine years of over promising and under delivery."

They state that their aims with the manifesto is to improve the quality of life for every family, focusing on people owning their own home, the creation of strong, vibrant & safe communities across Ireland, delivering on our climate change targets, and working for Ireland's values on the global stage.

As part of that, they plan to create a "Fix My Pothole" app, which will allow people to basically put a geo-locating pin at the location of a pothole, alerting the government for the need of one to be fixed.

They describe the app as follows:

"Using the example of the Street Bump app in Boston we will roll out an app that helps identify pot holes across the country using people's smartphones and alerts the relevant local authority of their location.

"We will put aside a specific €5m funding pot to ensure potholes are quickly identified and filled. We will roll out a pilot project across selected local authorities to test the process."

You can read the entire manifesto right here.