Joe Biden says Donald Trump has a problem with "strong women" 2 years ago

Joe Biden says Donald Trump has a problem with "strong women"

Biden's comments come after Trump described Kamala Harris as "nasty" and "disrespectful".

Joe Biden has said that Donald Trump has a problem with "strong women", and that it is no surprise that he has already come after his running mate Kamala Harris.


Speaking as a duo for the first time since it was announced that they would run together, Biden hit back at Trump's recent comments, which saw him refer to Harris as "the meanest" and "disrespectful".

Trump said: "She was nasty to a level that was just a horrible thing, the way she treated Justice Kavanaugh, and I won’t forget that soon."

Speaking from Delaware, Biden hit back on Wednesday, saying: "We all knew it was coming. You could have set your watches to it. It's no surprise.

"Whining is what Donald Trump does best. Better than any president in American history. Is anyone surprised Donald Trump has a problem with strong women?"


Harris is only the third woman from either major American political party to be selected as a vice-presidential candidate and would be the first black Vice President if Biden beats Trump in November.

The US election is due to take place on 3 November, though President Trump has recently called on it to be delayed.