"Just make it stop!" — Simon Harris rails against bishop over contraception 2 years ago

"Just make it stop!" — Simon Harris rails against bishop over contraception

Minister for Health Simon Harris has hit out at Bishop Kevin Doran.

Bishop of Elphin Doran, when speaking at an event in Dublin, shared the view that contraceptive measures "take away from women one of the principle motives or freedoms for saying no to unwanted sex.”


He also blamed the "contraceptive mentality" for the increase in people who believe in marriage equality: "There is a very direct connection between the contraceptive mentality and the surprisingly high number of people who seem ready to redefine marriage today as a relationship between two people without distinction as to sex.”

Doran also hit out at IVF treatment, and asserted that “There is undoubtedly a place in schools for an appropriate presentation of the church’s teachings on human sexuality. I think we have, again, problems to address there. Not least, having a very good quality, Catholic inspired programme for relationship and sexuality."

Ireland's Minister for Health Harris, who was a major proponent of the recent campaign to repeal the Eighth Amendment, has hit back at Doran's arguments on Twitter, writing: "Please just make it stop! Increasing access to & availability of contraception is and will remain public health policy. Religion plays an important role for many on an individual basis - but it will not determine health and social policy in our country any more. Please get that."