Here's Michael Gove trying to be cool and failing miserably 8 months ago

Here's Michael Gove trying to be cool and failing miserably

Why are you talking like that, Michael?

Spare a thought for anyone out there covering Brexit - in general, but especially today - as there really is a lot to try and keep up with.

The last two days have been especially noteworthy as deadline crunch talks have finally led to a "fair and balanced" deal being agreed, even if not everyone - the DUP, for one - is happy with the outcome.

Oh, and there's also the matter of UK politicians making utter clowns of themselves on television when given half a chance.

Speaking of...

Michael Gove - who, in 2000, authored a 58-page document called Northern Ireland: The Price of Peace, which described the Good Friday Agreement as a "mortal stain" and a "humiliation" for British parliament - was asked for his post-Brexit deal thoughts on the BBC's Politics Live.

To no surprise, Gove cut a defiant figure, especially when asked about the possibility of a second referendum on the matter.

"How would the government respond? What would the government do if Labour succeeded in getting a referendum amendment attached to this deal?" asked host Andrew Neil.

"If they said, 'Alright, we have this deal, we're going to vote for it now, but only if there's a referendum amendment attached'?"

Gove quickly shot this down in one of those, 'It's not what he said, but how he said it' kind of situations.

"That ain't gonna happen," he stated.

"There ain't gonna be no second referendum," Gove continued in bizarrely casual fashion for a politician of his standing as mild laughter echoed through the Beeb studio.


Hear the hip cool delivery in all its glory below.

"It just won't happen. There is no way we are having a second referendum," Gove offered, his speech returning to vaguely normal status, something Neil picked up on.

"Alright, so you've said that back in a British accent again, more believable on that," he joked.

Straight Outta The Commons, etc...