Partygate report so damning Boris Johnson "will have to quit" (Report) 1 year ago

Partygate report so damning Boris Johnson "will have to quit" (Report)

Sue Gray's report "could be enough to end him".

While Boris Johnson continues to cling to power in the UK over Partygate, he may be left with no other option but to quit when Sue Gray's much-anticipated report is published, according to reports.


Gray's findings into lockdown-breaking parties in Downing Street are so damaging, it could "spell the end" of Johnson's time as Prime Minister, officials told the Times.

Gray was forced to delay publishing her findings until Scotland Yard finished its own investigation, which has led to both Johnson, his wife Carrie, and chancellor Rishi Sunak being fined. Her initial report into 16 lockdown parties - published in January - found "failures of leadership and judgement" at No 10 Downing Street.

Gray's full report, a senior official told the Times, could "spell the end of his time as Prime Minister".

“Sue’s report is excoriating. It will make things incredibly difficult for the Prime Minister,” the official told the paper.


"There’s an immense amount of pressure on her — her report could be enough to end him. No official has ever been in a position like this before.”

Downing Street has not commented on the claims.

Despite growing unrest amid the Tory party, Johnson has said he will still remain in power in six months' time.

As the Tories brace themselves for local elections in May, one former backer of Johnson's told the Mirror: “I think we’ve gone past the tipping point. He’s lost public trust and once that’s gone, it’s hard to win back.”


Johnson is now subject to three partygate investigations, which include the police probe, Gray's report, and a Commons Privileges Committee inquiry into whether he misled Parliament over the scandal.