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05th Dec 2019

Phillip Schofield responds to backlash over Boris Johnson selfie

Rudi Kinsella

Phillip Schofield Boris Johnson

He has received criticism online for a picture that emerged of him posing for a selfie with Boris Johnson after an interview today.

Phillip Schofield has responded to those criticising him online for posing for a selfie with Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Thursday morning (5 December).

A photo emerged of Johnson taking a photo with Schofield and Holly Willoughby, which many reacted strongly to online.

It came hours after a clip emerged of Schofield demanding an apology from Jeremy Corbyn for allegedly anti-semitic comments he made in the past.

Schofield has been responding to questions on his Twitter, and has since made a brief statement on the subject of the selfie.

He said: “Can I point out that if Mr Corbyn had asked for a selfie, we would have happily obliged.”

Both Corbyn and Johnson gave interviews with This Morning this week, and a wide range of topics were covered, including Brexit, the NHS, and terrorism.

You can watch Johnson’s interview on This Morning here:

Clip via This Morning

And the interview with Corbyn can be found here:

Clip via This Morning

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