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18th Jan 2018

Shane Ross accidentally voted against his own drink-driving bill in the Dáil

Michael Lanigan

You had one job, Minister.

Minister for Transport, Shane Ross accidentally voted against his own drink driving legislation in the Dáil today (18 January).

The Road Traffic Amendment Bill 2017, which includes automatic bans for people caught driving over the limit, was voted in favour of by 85 to eight, with 37 abstentions.

Fortunately, a spokesperson for the Government Chief Whip was able to correct the error, despite one reported attempt by Tipperary Independent TD, Mattie McGrath, as reported by TV3’s Gavan Reilly, to prevent him from changing his vote.

The record will now state that Ross backed the legislation despite this misfire.

Good man Shane, now we know why they don’t let you leave the country on St. Patrick’s Day.

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