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19th Jun 2017

Apparently, the Taoiseach has a voice twin in the form of a famous rugby star

Close your eyes, could you tell the difference?


Once you hear it, you can’t un-hear it.

They say that everyone has a doppelganger. Somewhere in the world, right now, there is another person who looks exactly like you and is probably looking at their phone too.

Having a look-a-like is kind of half cool, half freaky. Cool because it makes for a great selfie and post to social media but freaky because you’re left asking a load of questions to yourself, ‘do I really look like that in real life?’

Finding someone that looks like you is too easy nowadays, you need to think outside the box. You want to find someone who is your twin but not just solely because of how they look.

You could try a Joey on it and look for someone who has the same looking hands as you do but asking to feels someone’s hand will probably cost you a bit of hassle, especially if it’s in a nightclub. Also finding someone with the same type of hands as you takes some amount of skill but don’t expect anyone to think of you in any other way except as being a creep.

“What are we going to do about this hand-twin thing? Nasa is going to want to talk to us.”

Clip via wreford123

What about if you found someone who has the exact same voice as you? And, what if that same person was not just your ordinary JOE Soap but instead was a famous rugby star?

Well, Ireland’s new Taoiseach, Leo Varadkar, has met his match when it comes to a voice twin and it is none other than Brian O’Driscoll.

It’s one of those things that once you realise it and hear them both talking one after another, you are left wondering how you didn’t notice it before.

If you have noticed it before, you will now be able to live in comfort knowing that it wasn’t Varadkar on about the Lions rugby game at the weekend and that O’Driscoll wasn’t referring to a scene from Love Actually in his press conference in Downing Street.

It has even confused O’Driscoll’s wife. Amy Huberman and if he plays his cards right, Varadkar might even be able to scab a two-litre bottle of milk from the couple.

Have a listen to both voice twins trying out their accents below…

Clip via Eimhin

Clip via Taoiseach Enda

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