Trump invited to attend his impeachment hearing or 'stop complaining' 2 years ago

Trump invited to attend his impeachment hearing or 'stop complaining'

Will the US President put his money where his mouth is?

Congress has invited US President Donald Trump to its first impeachment hearing on 4 December.


Jerrold Nadler, the Democratic chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, has told Trump to either attend the hearing or "stop complaining about the process".

Nadler said: "I am hopeful that you and your counsel will opt to participate in the Committee's hearing, consistent with the rules of decorum and with the solemn nature before us."

According to the BBC, if the President were to attend, he would then have the ability to question witnesses.

The impeachment hearing is in relation to a phone call earlier this year between Trump and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.


Meanwhile, Trump has assured people on his Twitter page that the impeachment hearing "will backfire into a big 2020 victory for Republicans".

At a recent rally, he said: "The President of Ukraine declared that there was no pressure put on. He's the only one that matters.

"They don't even know what they're talking about. It's a scam, it's a hoax. I have never had a direct link between investigations and security assistance."