"One splash of water" will damage an electric car, warns Danny Healy-Rae at climate change debate 3 years ago

"One splash of water" will damage an electric car, warns Danny Healy-Rae at climate change debate

How has no car manufacturer seen this major flaw before?

Under the new National Development Plan to tackle climate change, the people who are going to be made to pay the €22 billion pledged are "working people, farmers and businessmen", warned Independent TD Danny Healy-Rae.


Speaking at a Joint Oireachtas Committee on Agriculture, Food and the Marine, which examined the possible impact of climate change in Ireland, the Kerry TD said that the current carbon taxes of €480 million would be doubled at the expense of agricultural workers.

"Because there's no Mother Teresa - Mother Teresa died - and there are no leprechauns, the money will have to be extracted from working people, farmers, business people."

Healy-Rae went on to question why Ireland should reduce its carbon emissions for the sake of an "airy fairy" issue, when other nations sit idly by and do nothing.

Noting that Ireland's emissions make up only .13% the global percentage, Healy-Rae said more concern should be placed on countries like Japan where they wear surgical masks because "they can't breathe."

"We've the cleanest air," he insisted. "They're makin' no attempt. You've Trump in America, some other one in China, JAPAN?"

Next giving Elon Musk and his Tesla cohorts a piece of his mind, Healy-Rae went on to say that the idea of an electrical car was fundamentally flawed, because "you'll have to tell 'em that there can be no pools of water on the road if you're driving."

"It'll drive into the pools of water that are in the road that I'm trying to go through," he continued. "You'll soon find out how far the electric car'll keep going, because they won't keep going like the diesel or petrol vehicles."


"One splash of water and they're finished, and you'll be walking then."

So let's put the youngest Healy-Rae's latest theory to the test by looking at what happens when his least favourite technological innovation - the electric car - is combined with one of his least favourite nations - Japan.



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Your move, Danny. Your move.