The JOE Friday Pub Quiz: Week 364 2 weeks ago

The JOE Friday Pub Quiz: Week 364

"The pub quiz is brutal this week”

“Still fuming about the pub quiz.”


“Stupid quiz anyway.”

These were just some of the reactions in work channels here to last week’s pub quiz. There was fury, anger, shock, disgust and low scores.

Admittedly, last week’s quiz had quite a high tariff. It was above average for difficulty. But we all need to be challenged every now and again. We can’t allow complacency to kick in.

The next time you get asked what type of instrument a saxophone is, you’ll now know. You’ll be able to proudly proclaim what the first film James Cameron directed was. You’ll look like a genius.


Thank me later.

Anyway, you’ll probably all be glad to hear that I think this week’s quiz is a bit more gentle, so you can go into your weekend off the back of a more confidence-boosting score – hopefully.

Rounds on games and famous quotes for you this week and then you can start to look forward to that Friday night pint.


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