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19th Jul 2023

QUIZ: Can you name these Dublin neighbourhoods ending in ‘o’?

Patrick McCarry


There are five to get.

We have a nice, wee quiz for you all today that will test you if you hail from Dublin or even if you’ve lived in or visited the capital city before.

Inspired by a walk through one of the areas on the way to work, we are asking you to guess the names of FIVE neighbourhoods or areas of Dublin that end with ‘o’. We are guessing most of you will get one or two, straight away, then have to really dig deep.

We are giving you THREE minutes to get all five answers.

Before you get stuck in, we will tell you that one of the neighbourhoods can also be spelled ‘ough’ but the ‘o’ is commonly used and accepted, especially by the locals. In our research, the older areas of Monto and Casino came up – neither are included in this quiz. For anyone that does not know about ‘Monto’, have a catch-up read for yourselves.


Cheers for trying out our Dublin quiz

If that quiz [above] did not display properly for you, give it a spin here.

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