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02nd May 2017

PICS: Adidas to re-release arguably their best ever boot to coincide with David Beckham’s birthday

Conor Heneghan


Unfortunately, supply is limited and they don’t come cheap.

Adidas have been responsible for some of the most iconic football boots ever made and though it’s hard to reach a definitive consensus on their best ever boot, the Predator Mania is usually high on the list of boot lovers throughout the world.

In fact, it came it at number one in our own power ranking of Adidas boots, a ranking which, entirely coincidentally, happened to be compiled by your humble correspondent.

As well as being a boot that’s aesthetically pleasing on the eye, it’s indelibly linked with some memorable football moments from the early 2000s, specifically Zinedine Zidane’s goal in the 2002 Champions League Final and a certain incident when the word ‘metatarsal’ was seemingly invented.

That metatarsal, of course, belonged to one David Beckham and in honour of Becks’ birthday, adidas have decided to re-release the boot he was wearing when Aldo Duscher broke his foot 15 years ago.

More precisely, adidas are re-releasing the champagne coloured version of the boots but if you want to get your hands on a pair of them, you’ll have act fast (supplies are limited) and be prepared to fork out a cool €329.95.

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Have they stood the test of time? Are they still as appealing (or even more so) as they were shortly after the turn of the millennium?

The boots are available from Wednesday, May 3 and for more information, check out the adidas website.