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05th Jul 2017

Air New Zealand’s attempt at an Irish accent is so, so bad, it’s actually brilliant

What is happening here?

Alan Loughnane

We’re not sure what Irish people they’ve been talking to, but it’s no one we know anyway.

If you’ve any interest in rugby, you’ll know the Lions face New Zealand in the third and final test this weekend.

Tension and anticipation is building to a crescendo following the Lion’s hard fought win in last weekend’s second test in Wellington.

It’s difficult to comprehend just how rugby-mad the people of New Zealand are, it’s their main sport after all. We like to think their obsession is even more than a Mayo person’s desire to win an All-Ireland.

We saw a last November that Air New Zealand and Aer Lingus became embroiled in a cheeky war of words on Twitter in the middle of Ireland’s two tests with the All Blacks, so they’re no strangers to throwing some light hearted jabs on Twitter.

In the lead up to the final test, they’ve created their own little promo for the game and in many ways, it’s so bad it’s actually quite good.

But their Irish accent leaves an awful lot to be desired…