Around the World in 80 Clubs: Glasgow Gaels GAA (#14) 2 years ago

Around the World in 80 Clubs: Glasgow Gaels GAA (#14)

Playing GAA and partying since 1999.

We’re not sure if Glasgow Gaels offended Longford in any way, but it recently came to the attention of the club that the midlands county is the only county in Ireland not represented amongst the Gaels’ playing personnel.

The Gaels jokingly suggested that they’d gladly trade one of the sizeable Cavan contingent to right that wrong, so if you are from Longford, if you live in Glasgow or the surrounding areas and you want to play GAA, then they want to hear from you as soon as possible.


In all seriousness, they want to hear from anyone with an interest in joining a club that has been on the go since 1999 and sounds like a great place to play some GAA and meet lots of interesting people.

We recently caught up with one of those people, Jennifer Salfen, who told us all about the club, some of the personalities within the dressing room and the ‘promote the club’ week, which took place at the end of February and produced the excellent video below.

Focus on Glasgow Gaels GAA

Club: Glasgow Gaels

Year established: 1999

Number of members: 150 and growing

Biggest rivals: Tír Conaill Harps

Biggest representation from a club/county in Ireland: Sadly Cavan; still waiting on any one of them to buy a round of drinks.


Most famous ever member: Paul Gallagher. Still running the ladies team at the age of 83

Most memorable moment in the club’s history: Hard to pick between 2006, when the club won the Men’s and Ladies’ Senior Championships and this year, when our under-12s won the club’s first underage championship.

Most eye-catching scoreline in the club’s history: Hard to think of one, but our ladies had the club’s biggest win over our closest rivals, Tír Conaill, when they won by a scoreline 2-02 to 7-17.


Player who makes the longest commute to training: The “Ayrshire Mafia,” AKA Paul Scully, Brian Sharkey and Gerard Caden. An 80-mile round trip.

Most dedicated club person: Ronan McDermott. He does so much work behind the scenes and is now coaching, managing and running the juvenile section.

Player who could have made it big if love/career/drink didn’t get in the way: Declan Murtagh was tipped to be Westmeath’s answer to Gooch Cooper, but it all went downhill at the age of nine when he found the bottle. He hasn’t looked back since.


Biggest character: Mad Matt. A descendant of William Wallace, the lad is so intense about his football that he makes Roy Keane look like a silly joker!

Loudest in the dressing room: Kerryman Aido Farrell.

Number of romances that started in the GAA club (feel free to name names): Shane ‘Fishy’ Moran and Sinead Curley met a while ago on one of their many boozy nights out in Malone’s Bar and Grill. We are delighted that they are tying the knot next year.

Duck to water award – Best new player who had never played GAA before: Remy Vee, a Canadian superstar. After only a year of playing football, he is now one of the best players in Scotland.

Most annoying person in the club WhatsApp group: This year’s Men’s captain Derek Harvey; he’s either starting a row or abusing our past secretary, Aido Farrell.


Best story involving a club member that’s fit for print: One evening a few years ago, a selection of experienced Gaels went to Clydebank Rugby Club (home of the Gaels) to have a few drinks, after being assured by Ronan McDermott that there was a good session to be had that night. On arrival, there wasn't sign of a soul and the place was completely shut up.

The problem was, however, there was a crowd of thirsty lads stranded in Clydebank. Ronan, feeling guilty for bringing us on this wild goose chase, brought us to the local off-licence where Shane 'Fishy' Moran pressured everyone into purchasing naggins. The gang finished these off in style in an undisclosed location and went looking for a party.


After being chased/mauled out of the first boozer by a crowd of feral cougars, we stumbled upon one of the most desirable but elusive clubs in Glasgow's West End...Peter Dolan's flat.

With DIY, poker and a nod to the greatness of Offaly in both codes for a small county, a great night was had by all.

Peter, an entertaining gentleman who himself was known to tog out for the Gaels in the '90s, even called in to share a drink with everyone.

For more information on this venue, check it out here.

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