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11th Sep 2016

Bayern Munich perfectly shut down this sexist troll on Twitter

That's what you get.


Women’s sports are slowly getting the recognition they deserve.

After playing second fiddle to the men’s games for so long, sports fans are finally starting to stand up and take notice of the fact that some of the greatest athletes in the world are actually (shock) women.

Change is coming and we’re acknowledging the fact that Serena Williams might just be the greatest tennis player of all-time (even if sometimes it takes Andy Murray to remind a BBC presenter of this fact), whilst realising we’re not yet at a stage where we can even have two female presenters on Sky Sports News at once without people’s heads exploding en masse.

Still, there are some out there who seem terrified of any change, especially when it comes to women being allowed to do things as audacious as ‘playing football’, ‘having fun’ and ‘existing’.

We doubt that the person behind Bayern Munich’s official English-language Twitter account thought too much about this fact when they shared a picture of some players from the women’s team on Saturday, congratulating them on their win.

If you know how the internet works, you won’t be surprised that it took only a minute for someone to chime in with their own unnecessary opinion on the matter.

In an act of comedic genius that would make even the most stern man in the world piss his pants with laughter (sideways look at camera), Twitter user Ben typed out the words ‘thats a funny looking kitchen’.

Get it? Because women belong in the kitchen, but they weren’t in a kitchen in that photograph! Instead they were celebrating the fact that they had just represented one of the most famous football clubs in the world and done justice to their club’s history by recording a win.

An instant classic! We hope this guy is touring soon. Too bad that big mean Bayern, who obviously can’t take a joke, instead of jumping aboard the banter bus and joining in on the laughs, simply explained that the people Ben had dehumanised would beat Ben’s favourite team, Derby County.

Then just to rub it in, they mocked Ben’s beloved Derby for their struggles against Newcastle.

Thankfully good old Benji had an ace up his sleeve, the perfect response to Bayern’s cruel mocking.

Or… ehm… maybe not.