Biting off more than they could chew: Sports stars and teams that completely underestimated their opponents 9 years ago

Biting off more than they could chew: Sports stars and teams that completely underestimated their opponents

Biting off more than you can chew is not just something Luis Suarez does when peckish, it's also a trait of many an overconfident sports star.

We love a bit of confidence… we’re all Conor McGregor fans, aren’t we? However, if you're going to talk the talk, then you’re going to have to walk the walk.


Them be the rules.

JOE knows this, you know this, but these lot quite simply don’t…

Mike Tyson v James ‘Buster’ Douglas, 1990

You may be too young to remember this fight, but you’re definitely not too young to remember Mike Tyson being arrogant. The boxer/actor/Fergus McFadden impersonator stated before the fight that “no one, and I mean no one, will ever take my title away from me.”


In Mike’s defence, the whole world thought Buster was just a stop-gap before he defended his Heavyweight World Title against Evander Holyfield.

Then this happened...

Clip via: King Revolver


Of course, Mike would win his title back, before once again (this time literally) biting off more than he could chew against Holyfield.

Wales 13 - 16 Western Samoa - 1991 World Cup

The Welsh were expected to romp home against Western Samoa and claim their place in the quarter-finals of the tournament. Everything was perfect – the game was being played in Cardiff, Western Samoa were relative minnows and the Welsh had a team full of star names.

Unfortunately for Wales, the Samoans hadn’t read the script.


Clip via: rugbyworldcup

This huge shock produced one of JOE’s favourite rugby quips – “Imagine how bad it would have been if Wales played all of Samoa.”

Denver Broncos 8-43 Seattle Seahawks, 2014 Super Bowl

Let's just lay this one out for you: Peyton Manning had been voted NFL's MVP for the fifth time and his Denver Broncos side were playing against the Seatle Seahawks, who aren't exactly NFL heavyweights.


It was all set for Manning to win yet another Super Bowl Ring.

But that's not how it went at all...

Clip via: Highlight Sport Videos

The Seattle Seahawks recorded a 43-8 win, the most one-sided Super Bowl since Denver (them again) lost 55-10 to the San Francisco 49ers in 1990.

All of Europe v Greece, Euro 2004

Name a world-class Greek footballer? Don't worry, JOE struggled as well. Do you think their lack of world class stars mattered much during the 2004 European Championships? Nope.

Greece had the team spirit and the element of surprise to beat defending champions, France, and European heavyweights Czech Republic and Portugal on their way to claiming the title.

Clip via: Gate7Powerful

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