Chelsea's easy victory in a venue nobody wanted to go to doesn't do football any favours 2 years ago

Chelsea's easy victory in a venue nobody wanted to go to doesn't do football any favours

Chelsea rejoiced, but this was too easy.



The decision to host the Europa League final in Baku was heavily criticised in the run up to the game. The fact that Arsenal and Chelsea had to travel from London to reach Azerbaijan ensured that many fans decided to stay at home.


The Arsenal fans who went will be wishing they did as well. It was a spectacular result for Chelsea, but the fact that it took place in a soulless stadium where fans from London made a 5,000 mile round trip to see the game tended to overshadow everything else.


Chelsea's win was perhaps an appropriate result in the venue. Eden Hazard is going to leave the club and Maurizio Sarri will go with him in all likelihood. What can make Chelsea happy now? Maybe a victory in venue that made no sense was fitting for a club that seems to be directionless.

But despite Chelsea's second half performance, the game will be remembered for the hollowness of the atmosphere and the collapse of Arsenal.

Arsenal fans have been patient with Unai Emery this season, but could this game be a turning point for the supporters who have allowed him to rebuild after the long Wenger years?

What will the club do in the summer and without the changes they need, how much pressure will Emery be under next season?


On The Football Spin, Paddy McKenna and Dion Fanning discuss the Europa League final and what it means for both clubs with Reuben Pinder.

Sarri has spent the season suffering abuse from Chelsea supporters but has it been that bad and why do they think things will improve with whoever comes in next?

But there are bigger issues about a game which underlined football's insatiable appetite to keep growing .

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