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09th Jan 2016

Conor McGregor fan’s friends go to extreme lengths to convince his wife to let him go to Vegas

Alan Loughnane

Amazingly, the fight isn’t even officially confirmed yet…

John Matthews from Ashbourne, County Meath has been to Conor McGregor’s last three Las Vegas fights, and he’s hoping to go to his next potential fight in Las Vegas on March 5.

Unfortunately for John, his wife Maria thinks that four trips to Vegas (including their honeymoon last June) in the last 18 months is more than enough.

We can see where she’s coming from to be honest…

But John’s friends are not ones to take no for an answer and have set up a Facebook page to try and convince Maria to let their friend have one more trip to Sin City to see a potential fight between Conor McGregor and lightweight champion Rafael dos Anjos.

They’ve named the page (very thoughtfully we might add), “Maria to let John go to Vegas”.


“I was over for the Dustin Poirier fight, and then I was at the Mendes one in July and I’m just back from the last one in December,” John told JOE.

“And we had our honeymoon over there in June so that’s four times so [Maria] told me I’m definitely not going to the next one.”

“But I probably will go if it’s on, I’ve been out to all the others,” John added.

John’s friends have been creative on the page by creating images such as this one, to convey how adamant they are that John will be joining them on their trip in March if the fight is confirmed.


We particularly like a play on words from the Facebook page claiming that “Maria can never be Maria MAtthews without MMA,” which makes sense in a weird way.

It will be interesting to see whether John eventually makes his trip in March or whether Maria gets her not unreasonable wish that he watches it from his couch in Meath.

No pressure Maria…