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08th May 2024

Jack O’Connell has been cast in 28 Years Later

Ryan Price

Another big name added to the already star-studded cast.

Jack O’Connell is the latest actor to be added to the talent-filled 28 Years Later cast list.

The English actor will join Jodie Comer, Ralph Fiennes and Aaron Taylor-Johnson on the sequel to 2002’s 28 Days Later.

Danny Boyle is back on board to direct, 22 years after the success of the original, and will be developing a script written by Alex Garland, who also wrote the first film.

The 2002 blockbuster centered on a bicycle courier played by Cillian Murphy, who wakes from a coma to discover the world had been overrun with zombies following the outbreak of a virus.

The movie grossed more than $82 million worldwide and led to the 2007 sequel 28 Weeks Later.

The follow-up film, which was directed by Juan Carlos Fresnadillo, depicted the efforts of NATO military forces as they attempted to create a safe zone in London, with the film including a cast of new characters.

Sony Pictures have already confirmed that 28 Years Later will be the first of two films, and it is believed that O’Connell will have a supporting role in the first and more of a lead role in the second.

It’s been a successful year so far for the Derby-born actor, who starred in Ferrari and Back To Black, both of which were released earlier this year, and has just signed on to play the villain opposite Michael B. Jordan in a new supernatural thriller, directed by Ryan Coogler (Black Panther) and backed by Warner Bros.

While there’s no sign of Oscar-winner Murphy reuniting for the upcoming trilogy sequel, the casting of four incredible actors in Comer, Taylor-Johnson, O’Connell and Fiennes will bring huge excitement to fans of the film series.

In a recent interview with The Independent, Murphy said he would be would be very interested in reuniting with Boyle and Garland for 28 Years Later.

“I would be there in a flash,” he said. “I made two movies with both of those guys [28 Days Later and Sunshine]. In a heartbeat, I would love to work with those guys again.”

While no release date has been teased for the film, Dany Boyle revealed that a script had been written back in 2022, so it certainly looks promising that production will start sometime this year or early next year.

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