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17th Jul 2017

Conor McGregor’s flamboyant attire would have cost most of you 3 years’ wages


Alan Loughnane


The price of style?

The dust has settled following the series of outrageous, boisterous and often embarrassing press conferences between Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather last week.

The press conferences were flashy, needlessly so. Bags of money were produced. Balls of cash were thrown in the air. There were accusations of racism and homophobia. Overall, it was a spectacle. One which a lot of people tuned into see, so we guess the press conferences were a success in that sense.

The choice of attire from McGregor in the first conference caused a bit of a stir with the subtle “Fuck You” hidden in the pinstripe of the suit.

But his clothing choice at the third press conference is what really got people talking.

He rocked up to New York wearing a custom Gucci mink coat (claims it was made from polar bear fur are false) with the Italian house’s signature snake embroidered on the back, accessorising his estimated $30,000 coat with 1970s inspired brocade Gucci pants and matching red turtleneck. He soon tossed aside this turtleneck, however.

According to Billboard, the whole ensemble costs in the region of $150,000.

Figures released in the CSO Yearbook Of Ireland 2016, show that the average wage is €45,075 for someone working full-time in Ireland, so that’s the guts of three years of your wages to try and mimic The Notorious, who we know can afford such extravagance.

In November of last year, McGregor wore a similar coat (also Gucci) to a pre-fight press conference with Eddie Alvarez; the look was a homage to legendary boxer Smokin’ Joe Frazier, who wore the same look ahead of his fight with Muhammed Ali in 1974.