Conor McGregor wants to do one thing if he wins the lightweight title 5 years ago

Conor McGregor wants to do one thing if he wins the lightweight title

A change of tune from The Notorious...

Conor McGregor takes on Eddie Alvarez at UFC 205 for the lightweight title in a bid to become the first man in UFC history to hold two titles simultaneously.


But the question has always been, what would happen if he actually won the fight? Would he retain both belts and defend them? Or would he vacate his featherweight crown in favour of the lightweight strap?

Initially McGregor had voiced his opposition to giving up one of the belts and categorically stated during a press conference that they'd need an army to come and get it off him. This displeased many fans and fighters who claimed that the Dubliner was holding up the 145 pound division.

That seemed to settle the matter, he was never going to willingly give up his belt, and the UFC would most likely be forced to strip him of one of the titles if they wished to free up the belt.

But it seems that McGregor has rolled back on these claims and is more willing to work under Dana White's terms following UFC 205.


In a recent interview with Sport Illustrated, McGregor revealed what he will do provided he wins in November.

"Let me see the pictures on publications with a belt on each shoulder first. Let me go onto the side of that Octagon and raise two world titles, what's never been done before, before talking about stripping me. Let me get the f**king things, let me do it. I'll always listen to the correct business move, and I'll always do what is the correct move, but let me do it and let me go back and look at some pictures of me with two belts and let me embrace it for half-a-day.

"Don't be trying to take away the historic moment before I've even experienced it."

"It's the media that's making this," he said. "Let me look at the historic images we're going to get on this night, me with these two belts. That's what everyone should be excited about, this is history."