COYBIG: 9 great bars for football supporters to visit in Bordeaux 6 years ago

COYBIG: 9 great bars for football supporters to visit in Bordeaux

Bordeaux is famous for their wines but what does the city have for the beer lover?

Sweeney Todd's


Location: 2 Cours d_Alsace-Lorraine, 33000, Bordeaux, France. Near the Place du Palais tram stop.

What to expect: Awarded the TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence, this place has a great selection of beers with staff that are also comfortable speaking English. There are lots of screens to enjoy the football and it specialises in burgers, chips and pints. Perfect if you're too used to drinking wine!




Location: 5, Rue Beaubadat, 33000. Near the Hotel de Ville tram stop.

What to expect: Craft beer paradise with TV screens on the wall.


L'I Boat


Location: Bordeaux Bassins à flot - Bacalan. Near the Bassins à flot tram stop.

What to expect: A Ferry on 3 levels that's located in the heart of Bordeaux. Restaurant, cocktails bar, heated terrace, and club and concert hall.




Location: 19 place Fernand Lafargue. Near the Hotel de Police tram stop.

What to expect: The music is the identity of the bar, its style belongs to the world of funk and soul, hence the name.


Chez Fred

Location: 19 place du Palais, 3300.


What to expect: Located in the heart of the historic centre of the medieval city, Place du Palais, one the best sites in Bordeaux is actually listed as a Unesco world heritage site. Terrace views overlook monument of Bordeaux and this square should be wedged with Irish supporters in June.


Cafe Brun

Location: 45 Rue Sant-Rémi. Near the Place de La Bourse tram stop.

What to expect: Great selection of beers, right in the middle of the old town and a short walk to the riverfront. The decor is very cool with old photos, posters, and eclectic monuments all decorating the walls.


Pub Saint-Aubin

Location: 5-6 place de la Victoire. Near the Victiore tram stop.

What to expect: Waiters wearing, sport on every screen and pints on tap. The clientele is mixed with a healthy dose of sports fans, students and business types. €7.50 for a burger and a pint isn't exactly bad going.


Titi Twister

Location: 76 rue Leyteire. Near  the Victoire and Porte de Bourgogne tram stops.

What to expect: The bar specialises in Belgian beers with 6-8 taps at the go along with an extensive lost of bottled ales. Blanch De Bruxelles, Kwak, Westmalle, Urthel Saisonnièr, SAS pils, Curvée des Trolls, Kasteel Rouge, La Chouffe, Delirium and Averbode are some of the beer options.TT

The City

Location:  21 rue du Palais Gallien. Near the Gambetta tram stop.

What to expect: Sports everywhere with plenty of beers to choose from. They also have beer pong, fussball and various other events going.