Dublin GAA fans are going to be very annoyed with this latest decision from Croke Park 5 years ago

Dublin GAA fans are going to be very annoyed with this latest decision from Croke Park

"It could pose a fire or security risk."

We are heading into the business end of the GAA season now and as Mayo and Roscommon and Galway and Kerry face off in their respective Quarter-Finals, they will be delighted to be playing in the GAA headquarters.


Croke Park will be the host of the two games on Sunday but it won't feature current champions Dublin just yet who are still waiting patiently to find out who they will play in the last eight.

Other GAA fans don't like to admit it but Hill 16 is a fortress for Dublin and although supporters from other counties do venture onto the Hill for matches, the boys from the capital will let you know that it is their patch of turf.

One of the trademarks of Hill 16 is the massive blue Dublin flag that is passed around by fans but sadly, that is a tradition that is about to be stopped.

According to 98FM, Dublin Fire Brigade have banned the flag from entering the grounds as it could pose as a fire or security risk.


Inner City Councillor, Christy Burke told the radio station that he contacted the people at GAA headquarters but they told him that they were sticking to their decision.

Large flags like the Dublin one have been described as flammable items and they also admitted that supporters had complained about these big flags in the past in terms of restricting their view.

The Dublin supporters have said that the flag is completely safe and not flammable and they claim that the GAA are stopping atmosphere, entertainment and colour from entering the stadium if they impose a ban like this one.