David Beckham and Kevin Hart are going on a road trip to Vegas for H&M 6 years ago

David Beckham and Kevin Hart are going on a road trip to Vegas for H&M

The finest comic duo of a generation are linking up once again in the name of nice clothes.

Last year H&M paired David Beckham with the superstar American comedian and actor Kevin Hart as part of a promotional campaign for their Modern Essentials collection.


The premise of the amusing seven-minute advert was that Hart had his eye on the role of Golden Balls himself in a fictional biopic of his life, which they titled I, David Beckham

In case you missed it back then...


In order to make sure he landed the prestigious part, Hart decided to go full method and move in with Becks for a few days so he could creepily observe his every move.


Unsurprisingly the England and Manchester United legend wasn't massively keen on the idea, but after a chat with his agent he decided to roll with it.

Hart ended up getting his dream casting, and the film had obviously been a success as at the end of the ad there was talk of a musical.

Which is exactly where this year's film picks things up.

In the short teaser trailer - the full-length version is set to launch on September 26 - we see Beckham and his understudy midway through a road-trip to Vegas, where they'll be pitching I, Beckham, The MusicalLooks like H&M see a bit of mileage in this one.



Naturally, they're both decked out in identical outfits for the journey, which the 30 second clip suggests won't be short of a few hiccups.

We'll bring you the full thing as soon as it lands. If it's as adept at selling clothes as the last one clearly was then we might even get a trilogy.