David Reidy reveals why Peter Duggan didn't continue taking frees against Tipp 5 years ago

David Reidy reveals why Peter Duggan didn't continue taking frees against Tipp

It seemed like a harsh decision at the time.

The decision by the Clare management to take Peter Duggan off the frees on Sunday seemed brutal. Duggan had enjoyed a fine game against Tipperary at Cusack Park but, after missing two frees from 70 and 80 yards respectively, duties were handed over to David Reidy.


It seemed like a sure-fire way to knock Duggan's confidence, which is certainly not what the Banner want if he is to be the Championship free-taker. Continuity goes a long way.

However, it seems as though the decision didn't come from the management. Speaking on the latest edition of the GAA Hour hurling show, Reidy - who scored 1-8 against Tipp - told Wooly that Duggan had actually asked not to take the next one after he missed his second of the game.

"Peter's a fantastic free-taker, but you get days like that when you're just not comfortable or something isn't right and Peter said to me about hitting the next one so I hit a couple of ones that were close in front of the goal, that were kind of unmissable so I was pleased with that. I'm not sure if something was up or what but Peter just said to me to take the next one."


It certainly clears up the situation. Colin Ryan had tweeted about Duggan not continuing on free-taking duties as though it had been a management decision but it's completely different dynamic knowing that he actually had a word with Reidy about hitting them.

The idea that Duggan wasn't entirely comfortable with taking the frees after missing two in Ennis on Sunday shouldn't be blown out of proportion either. As Reidy told Wooly, you get those days when you're just not completely comfortable. It's also worth remembering that the two Duggan missed were from 70 and 80 yards, and were tight angles, so there's certainly no shame in that.

The fact remains, though, that Clare have two excellent free-takers in Duggan and Reidy and their season is looking bright after getting their National League campaign off to the perfect start against Tipp.


Listen to the full GAA Hour podcast below, in which guests JJ Delaney and Diarmuid O'Sullivan join Wooly for an in-depth review of all the weekend's action.