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25th Feb 2018

Everyone was shook by Gary Neville’s assessment of Arsenal’s performance against Man City

Rory Cashin

He didn’t exactly mince his words, did he?

Sunday evening brought with it the final of the Carabao Cup, and it wasn’t a good night for the Gunners, as they lost 3-0 to Manchester City at Wembley Stadium.

Gary Neville was on commentator duty for Sky Sports during the game, and his summation of Arsenal’s admittedly disappointing performance was jaw-dropping.

In the space of 30 seconds, he tore apart the team as they effectively downed tools and rolled over.

Some of the highlights of the tirade including the former Manchested United player calling some of the players “An absolute disgrace”.

He described the playing style as “Walking around on a football pitch. Giving up. Spineless”, and as the camera cut to an upset young fan in the crowd, Neville continued “Now look at that, that is what you cause.”

Fans watching at home couldn’t help but show support for Neville’s bracingly honest commentary: