This is exactly what Joe Canning eats on a regular training day 6 years ago

This is exactly what Joe Canning eats on a regular training day

Training diets, recovery tips and cheat meals from Portumna's finest.

"Hi Joe, Joe here from JOE" was the way my conversation started with Galway hurler and Red Bull athlete Joe Canning. A real JoeFest.


The three-time All-Star winner was taking the call from me to chat about the way he approaches fitness and the part played by diet in the career of an intercounty player.

Before we talked specifics about meals and all that, Joe was keen to make the point that he's not obsessive about diet. That's just not his personality he told me.

"I don't calorie count. I know some lads are strict on all of that stuff but I'm not because I think I'd drive myself insane to be honest. I know what works for my body and I know what doesn't.

"I don't need to be thinking, "Jesus, I ate that earlier, so now I can't eat this." The thing is I'm not having big meals, I'm not eating huge plates of stuff. They are smaller meals, but more often. I'd probably have one sweet potato, one breast of chicken and a piece of broccoli. That's all."


We then moved on to the specifics,  what does he eat on a normal training day when he's with Galway?

Joe Canning's Training Day

Wake Up - Porridge with chia seeds and honey

10:00 am - A simple chicken salad


2:00 pm - Dinner Time - Chicken with sweet potato and vegetable

5:00 pm - A Fulfil nutrition bar and a can of Red Bull

7:00 pm - Training Session

9:00 pm - Post-training meal consisting of chicken/Lasagna with quinoa or rice or sweet potato


As you can see, his meals are simple and easy to prepare so any GAA player or person can work them into their everyday life.

We also talked to Joe about recovery after training which is a massive part of the game today. Again, it wasn't anything too scientific or complicated.

"I live near the sea in Oranmore in Galway so that's basically where I do most of my recovery. I find going into the sea water for a few minutes is good for the body, it just freshens you up. I also find that using a foam roller is really good and plenty of stretching of course. I try to stay as loose as I can at all times.

"In terms of diet then, I get a lot of proteins into the body."

Every top level athlete is entitled to have a cheat meal every now and then, so what's Joe's?


"Sunday is always a cheat day after playing a game, you're allowed indulge a little bit. My two cheat meals are pizza and a thai curry. I'd have one of them most Sundays."

An insight into the diet habits of a top intercounty player where it seems balance is the key. You can follow Red Bull athlete Joe Canning on Twitter - @JoeyCan88.