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18th Dec 2018

A Football Spin Special featuring the end for Jose Mourinho, a new start for Paul Pogba and what now for Ed Woodward?


Jose Mourinho

Jose Mourinho is gone.

Manchester United announced on Tuesday morning that Jose Mourinho had left the club with immediate effect and they will hope the decision will have an immediate effect.

United now look for yet another manager as they try to come to terms with the post-Alex Ferguson era but will they get it right this time?

On A Football Spin special, Paddy McKenna and Dion Fanning are joined by Rob Redmond and Matt Stanger to discuss the end for Jose Mourinho. Where to next for Jose and is there anyone who will ever believe his sweet nothings again?

Does Mourinho even believe them anymore? What happened to the bright-eyed young manager at Porto and Chelsea and is he now doomed wherever he goes?

Manchester United can now be hopeful but what has Ed Woodward got up his sleeve and does he have to do something more than hire the most famous manager in his phone?

Rob Redmond and Matt Stanger think so while Dion Fanning says it’s inevitable who will be the manager next summer, even if it means negotiating with Daniel Levy.

And what of Paul Pogba? Does he need to find a new club or does his social media team need a stern talking to?

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