French fan proves they're a great bunch with lovely gesture to Irish fan 3 years ago

French fan proves they're a great bunch with lovely gesture to Irish fan

The Frenchies may have just made up for Thierry Henry with this one.

Tom Kennedy from Tipperary was over in France supporting the boys in green at Euro 2016 and despite the disappointing result on Saturday, he had a fantastic time.

All until he lost his iPhone 6 in Bordeaux following the Belgium game.

Tom was sickened to lose his phone with all the photos and videos from the weekend, as well as all the numbers that he needs for work.

His fiancé, Natasha, was initially worried when she couldn't get in contact with Tom as he was supposed to be en route back to Ireland yesterday.

But thankfully Tom arrived home safe and sound last night, minus his iPhone, and a significantly lighter wallet after an expensive weekend in Bordeaux.


Tom and Natasha

The pair decided to chance their arm calling the phone, knowing full well with an iPhone's incredibly sh*t battery, it was unlikely to ring out.

But to their surprise, a man answered the phone on the other end named Benjamin.

He'd picked up the phone off the ground on Saturday in France, then brought it home and charged it up so he'd be able to contact the people who owned it and return it to them.

Benjamin insisted on sending the phone back to them free of charge despite Tom and Natasha trying to offer some kind of reward, or at least the price of postage.

They forwarded on their address to him and he replied, looking for Tom's surname, so he could post it back to him.

Following all the good stories we've heard of the Irish fans over at the Euros, it's important to note that while we are a pack of legends (self praise is OK in this context), there's some quality fans from other nations as well.

Benjamin, you're a stand up guy...