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02nd Dec 2018

WATCH: Tyson Fury goes full Undertaker following THAT hook from Deontay Wilder

Rory Cashin

Wilder Tyson

We felt that.

During the twelfth and final round between long-out-of-the-game Tyson Fury and currently undefeated Deontay Wilder, Fury was dealt a vicious combination of blows, culminating in a hook that initially seemed to knock him out cold.

As you can see there, it doesn’t take Fury too long to get back up on his fight and continue on into the fight, but it was the WAY that Fury got back up that grabbed the attention of most viewers.

It helps too if you add in the iconic music:

Yep, Tyson Fury is essentially boxing world’s answer to The Undertaker.

The fight would last the full twelve rounds, with the judges eventually scoring it a draw:: 115-111 Wilder, 114-110 Fury, 113-113.

Many viewers immediately took to Twitter to announce their unhappiness with this result, as they believed there had been a clear winner all the way through the fight:

Fury seemed to take the result in good spirits though, especially knowing that a rematch is all but a certainty.

Not only did he tell the press afterwards that “There was 10,000 travelling Brits in that arena and I would have caused a riot if I kicked off about the result, I just want to be an ambassador for my country”, he then managed to get the entire press room to sing along with him to a rendition of ‘American Pie’:

You don’t see that everyday…