How are the Cleveland Browns helping Ireland's Euro 2012 dreams? 11 years ago

How are the Cleveland Browns helping Ireland's Euro 2012 dreams?

They may be one of the worst teams in the NFL but if they can nurse Richard Dunne back to fitness for the Euros, we might all start supporting them.

The Cleveland Browns may never have been to a Super Bowl and they ended last season losing nine of their last ten games but all of a sudden every football fan in Ireland should start praying they can get something right.


You see the fairly dysfunctional Browns are owned by one Randy Lerner, the same man who runs the show at Aston Villa. In a bid to get Richard Dunne back to fitness for Alex McLeish, the Dubliner has been shipped over to Ohio so that their medics can have a look at his injured shoulder and collarbone.

Villa are hoping to get Dunne back in action by the end of April and even though Villa should, just about, avoid relegation this term having the inspirational centre-half on the pitch will be a big help to them if they do slip into the dogfight at the bottom of the Premier League.

The former Manchester City man seemed positive before he jetted off.

“Because of the nature of American football, Cleveland have a lot of experience in dealing with this kind of injury," said Dunne in today's Daily Mail. "Any help I can get will be much appreciated. It will also be a great experience and I think it will be a good week.


“I'm hoping when I come back I'll be sorted and can push on with things and start training again.”

With the best will in the world towards Villa fans, we only care about Dunne’s ability to pull on the green shirt on June 10 against Croatia. So if Dunne comes back in time for the Euros, we all owe the Browns a little love.

However, we're also a little worried that somebody in Cleveland will look up Dunne on YouTube, see his performance against Russia and decide they might like to have him as a linebacker for the 2012 NFL season.


He couldn't be any worse than some of the lads who lined out for them last season.

Don’t do it Richard, your country needs you.