WATCH: The Irish have taken over Las Vegas ahead of the McGregor fight 4 years ago

WATCH: The Irish have taken over Las Vegas ahead of the McGregor fight

They've taken over.

As always with every single Conor McGregor fight, the Irish army have followed The Notorious on the journey to the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas as the Dubliner returns to the octagon in an attempt to retake the UFC lightweight title from the hands of unbeaten champion, Khabib Nurmagomedov.


Both men made weight, the Russian tipping the scales on the button at 155 lbs while Conor McGregor was half a pound lighter.

During the weigh-in, Dana White had to separate both fighters as the animosity threatened to spill over - McGregor aimed at kick at Khabib - but it's all just a precursor to what promises to be an absolutely electric night in Las Vegas.

At the end of the main event, will it be Dagestan or Dublin celebrating? The wrestler or the sublime striker?

Well, if these scenes are anything to go by, McGregor is going to have plenty of fans in his corner.


What would you know, there's even someone dressed as a bottle of McGregor's new whiskey, Proper Number 12.

It's bound to be a hotline bling ring when that fight gets underway.


Here's McGregor and some singer called O'Drake hanging out together.


The moment when the doors opened for last night's press conference as the green brigade flooded in.

Here's RTÉ news reporter Brian O'Donovan outside the venue.


The scenes should be amped up massively as the night gets longer.