James McClean suggests new rule in football to copy Ice Hockey 9 months ago

James McClean suggests new rule in football to copy Ice Hockey

“I guarantee they’d be far less handbags.”

Irish star James McClean has suggested that a new rule be brought into football to stop players from engaging in "handbags" with each other.


Footballers often get involved in altercations that can slow the game up, and more often than not, all it results in is a bit of pushing, jostling and posturing.

It's boring, predictable and not really very entertaining unless someone makes a fool out of themselves.

James McClean

Th most recent high profile example was the melee that broke out during the Merseyside derby after a clash between Andy Robertson and Jordan Pickford.


Soon everyone started to get involved, including substitutes such as Liverpool's Virgil van Dijk who was rowing with Everton captain Seamus Coleman. 

At 2-0 down, Everton would have benefitted much more from the game being restarted as quickly as possible, rather than getting involved in "handbags" as McClean calls it.

James McClean

The Republic of Ireland winger has been known to get involved with altercations in the past and plays with his heart on his sleeve.


The Derry native took to Instagram to share his opinion on what can be done to stop such interactions from happening.

“Just an observation… If football introduced the rule like in ice hockey where if there is on field issue, then let two players involved  have a 10/15 second tear up and then sin bin them.

“I guarantee they’d be far less handbags…”

James McLean

Not sure if a rule designed for ice hockey would be entirely applicable in this situation but at least he's being proactive in trying to change the game.

That or the Wigan star has someone in mind that he really wants to have a scrap with.


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