John Delaney has a few choice words for Roy Keane regarding Saipan 11 years ago

John Delaney has a few choice words for Roy Keane regarding Saipan

Just last week we were once again plunged into talk of Saipan when Roy Keane spoke about the topic again in Dublin. Now FAI head honcho John Delaney reckons he should shut up about it.

When Roy Keane rolled into Dublin to deliver what is now his annual ‘State of the Nation’ address last week of course we listened. Roy has a very skilled way of getting lots of attention for the Guide Dogs for the Blind cause, called Shades, that he supports; he gives the media loads of good copy.


Last week Roy waxed lyrical on James McClean, Alex Ferguson, the death of Triggs and Gary Neville’s punditry skills. As always it was entertaining, even if you didn’t always agree with him.

But once again it was Saipan and the events in Ireland’s pre-World Cup camp 10 years ago that garnered the headlines as Roy once again re-iterated his stance on why he left and why the accusation of faking an injury annoyed him so much.

But while we may have all enjoyed reading about those dramatic events again, one man didn’t; FAI supremo John Delaney. Irish football’s top man was in Louth yesterday to open new facilities for Ardee Celtics and the Irish Examiner today reports quotes captured by LMFM made by Delaney regarding Keane.

"You should get over yourself, it’s 10 years ago since it all happened," said Delaney to Keane, who was sadly not in attendance.


"For his own good, not for anybody else’s good, but for his own good Roy should just let it go. Roy has a lot to say a lot of the time, he was a great man to tell us to get over things a while ago. I think for his own sake he should get over himself.

"I’m aware of the shadow of it, but every time Roy gets a microphone, especially in an Irish domain, he tends to talk about it. It’s just a sideshow for me," he concluded.

We don’t know if Roy has seen these quotes yet but we eagerly await the Cork man’s response.