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05th Aug 2023

John Small shares old Joe Brolly article that surely served as Dublin motivation

Patrick McCarry

Loving the scanned version of it, too!

John Small waited until the All-Ireland buzz was easing off until he dropped a not so gentle reminder of a Joe Brolly article about the Dubs.

Dublin are All-Ireland champions again after two years in the wilderness – a lifetime for some of their key men – and they have rightfully revelled in their triumph. One of those ways is through Small sharing out a biting Brolly article that wrote Dublin off.

In the March 2023 piece for The Sunday Independent, the former Derry forward quoted Austrian psychiatrist Viktor Frankl in the introduction and continued:

‘Dublin have forgotten that [worthy goal]. The striving. The struggling. The glory. It is all gone. Now, they are just bores. Tensionless, dull, risk-free bores. Like a mid-table Premier League team safe by April, playing for their pay cheques.’

Another part of the piece posed the following question, ‘Why don’t they do the honest thing, retire from county and go back to their clubs?’

Tagging Brolly on Twitter [‘X’] today, Small posted, ‘Joe Brolly has one of the kindest hearts you’ll ever meet, but when it comes to football analysis… ‘

Joe Brolly

Dublin forward Dean Rock reposted that John Small ‘tweet’ with the single word – ‘Finished’.

Joe Brolly responds to John Small tweet

As for Joe Brolly himself, he also quoted that John Small post and referred back to the time Kieran Donaghy used his comments as All-Ireland motivation.

‘I did this for Kieran Donaghy once,’ he stated. ‘An All-Ireland and MVP quickly followed. He didn’t thank me either.’

Love to see this teeth-set banter at the end of another absorbing championship season.


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