WATCH: Kevin Kilbane's journey from football pundit to 'DJ Killa' 5 years ago

WATCH: Kevin Kilbane's journey from football pundit to 'DJ Killa'

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"I'm very confused, but I can work out what play and pause means..."


Having won 110 caps for the Republic of Ireland, Kevin Kilbane has nothing left to prove on the football pitch. Now that he's hung up his boots, he's decided it's time to pick up a set of headphones and get behind the decks.

Long before he ever became a professional footballer, Kevin dreamed of being a DJ. After that taking a back seat during his sporting career, he finally got the chance to chase his childhood dream.

It wasn't a move anyone was expecting of the former West Brom and Sunderland star, but he's giving it 100%. With very little in the way of technical knowledge and no experience whatsoever, Kevin was expected to learn the trade and play a live set in front of a large crowd.

He had just four weeks to prepare himself for the event. As he said himself, there were a few times when he wondered if he was still up for it.


"I'm out of my comfort zone, and this could be a total embarrassment for me," he said.

Because if you never try, you'll never know.

Kevin Kilbane - Superstar DJ


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