Kick It Out question whether Dave Whelan 'is a fit and proper person' to run a football club 7 years ago

Kick It Out question whether Dave Whelan 'is a fit and proper person' to run a football club

The anti-racism organisation has hit back tonight at remarks the Wigan Athletic chairman made to the Guardian.

The Kick It Out organisation has hit back at Wigan chairman Dave Whelan, following an interview in which he claimed that using the word 'chink' to describe Chinese people was acceptable.


Whelan - who hired Malky Mackay as his new manager this week despite an investigation into alleged racist text messages he had sent while manager of Cardiff City - also made disparaging remarks against Jewish people in his interview, details of which you can read here.

Kick It Out's statement reads:

“The Football Association has outlined in a statement that ‘no assurances have been given on the outcome of the (Mackay) case’ yet Wigan Athletic owner Dave Whelan continues to suggest elsewhere that two ‘influential’ people have informed him that ‘nothing will come’ from the investigation.

“This comes shortly after the Guardian published comments from Whelan that ‘Jewish people chase money more than everybody else’ and that the word ‘chink’ is not offensive. He has brought into question whether he is a fit and proper person who should be running a professional football club.


“The remarks act as another example of the culture which continues to exist within football, and further proves that some in positions of power seem comfortable sharing those views either privately or publicly. These comments must not go unchallenged and have to be investigated by The FA.

“The FA also needs to get to the bottom of Whelan’s insistence that he has been in contact with ‘influential’ figures within its own organisation about the Malky Mackay and Iain Moody case. They must ascertain whether his claims have any substance by conducting an investigation into this too.”