Listen up Irish soccer fans - Ryanair have added another flight to Tallinn 9 years ago

Listen up Irish soccer fans - Ryanair have added another flight to Tallinn

Due to “extraordinary demand”, Ryanair have added another return flight to Tallinn for Ireland’s play-off clash with Estonia next month.

Michael O’Leary’s airline took umbrage to the suggestion from Mayo TD John O’Mahony yesterday that they were cashing in at the expense of the travelling Irish support as fares rocketed up to nearly €500 for return flights to the Estonian capital.


To cater for the extraordinary demand, Ryanair have laid on an additional service and if you act quickly, you could avail of a deal that would get you there and back for €265.

At the time of writing (not long after 10.30am), return tickets for a flight leaving Dublin at 9am and leaving Tallinn at 3.30am on Saturday morning costs €264.79.

Decent deal alright, but it’s a whistle-stop tour to say the least. The flight will arrive in Tallinn at 2.10pm (Eastern European Time), the match kicks-off around 8.30pm and as soon as it’s over, bleary-eyed fans will have to dash to the airport to check-in in time for a 3.30am flight. But, hey at least you’ll save money on a hotel.

There is also a flight leaving Dublin at 7.15 am on Friday morning and at 9.20am on the Thursday if you fancy heading over the night before, but you'll have to fork out significantly extra for both of those flights. There are also flights leaving Tallinn at far more reasonable hours on Saturday afternoon, but they too, are a fair whack dearer than the one in the middle of the night. Check out all the available flights for yourself on the Ryanair website.

Regarding the O’Mahony criticism, meanwhile, Ryanair had this to say: “Ryanair rejects John O’Mahony’s accusation that Ryanair is exploiting Irish fans ahead of the Euro 2012 qualifiers.  The lowest fares were quickly snapped up and the price increased as availability declined, as is standard practice.  Hundreds of soccer fans have already booked today, which shows that they found the fares to be great value.

Due to this extraordinary demand, Ryanair has already added an additional return flight to accommodate travelling fans and will add more flights if there is sufficient demand from supporters. More than half the passengers already booked on our flights to Tallinn in the days prior to this match have paid one way fares of less than €70.”

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