Floyd Mayweather's response to McGregor's recent controversy is hugely hypocritical 5 years ago

Floyd Mayweather's response to McGregor's recent controversy is hugely hypocritical

Conor also gets some support from, uhm, Justin Bieber...

We are a long way from the dust settling on this.


While the attention of the UFC 223 should have been on Khabib Nurmagomedov's win, instead it has been on the constantly swirling maelstrom of controversy that has surrounded it, with more and more information being released all of the time, including the fact that members of McGregor's team were completely barred from entering the arena while the event was taking place.

During the fight, Floyd Mayweather was asked by Showtime (via Business Insider) for his take on the McGregor controversy, and his answer might feel a little ironic to some people:

"I feel that when you have reached such high status, you have to carry yourself in a classy way. I know that when we fought, we both sold the fight. The world loved what we did, but outside the ring, you've got to carry yourself like a gentleman."

That is a fair, decent and intelligent response.


However, if we cut to less than a year ago, when the Mayweather V McGregor hype-train was going full-steam...

What part of that was classy, exactly? Or was it because the press conference was literally happening inside of a ring, that is what makes him reckon it was that fine to drop a homophobic slur?

Maybe we'll never know.

However, in the aftermath of the events, TMZ Sports (via RTE News) caught up Justin Bieber, who had previously supported McGregor when he was fighting against Nate Diaz, and asked for his thoughts on what had happened:


"I think Conor will be fine. We all make mistakes."

So chin up, Conor. You've still got someone in your corner.