One lucky punter won almost €6,000 with a €5 football accumulator last night 8 years ago

One lucky punter won almost €6,000 with a €5 football accumulator last night

Well that’s Christmas sorted.

Casual punters who do low-cost accumulators on a weekly basis do so in the hope that one day, just one day, their luck will come in and in a big way too.


That day arrived for one particular punter last night after a bet of €5 on a six-fold accumulator came good thanks to the exploits of Liverpool, Aston Villa, Leeds, Manchester City, Crystal Palace and Arsenal over the last two nights.


There wasn’t anything particularly Mystic Meg-like about the predictions of the punter in question as you would have fancied the likes of Liverpool, Manchester City and Arsenal, for example, to be leading their encounters at half-time and full-time, although we’re sure there were a few nervous moments when West Brom threatened a late comeback against City at the Hawthorns.


That said, accumulators are very often spoiled by just one shock result, as 99.9 per cent of punters will know well from a few painful experiences in the past.

It’s not the biggest accumulator win we’ve seen recently, but it’s certainly not one to turn your nose up at either and as long as he doesn’t do anything stupid like the guy who blew most of a £45,000 winning bet by subsequently backing Wales to beat Australia in the rugby at the weekend, it should make Christmas a lot more enjoyable for this punter with an extra six grand in his back pocket.