Pic: Is this the new Ireland rugby jersey? 7 years ago

Pic: Is this the new Ireland rugby jersey?

Puma’s deal with the IRFU is set to expire at the end of next season, but it would appear as if they’ve provided one last Irish rugby jersey before it comes to an end.

The IRFU confirmed earlier this year that the sportswear giant had decided to end its association with Irish Rugby four years into an eight-year contract as part of their exit from all rugby activity across Europe.

Earlier today, however, RTE’s Damien O’Meara posted a link on Twitter to what would appear to be a new Irish jersey available on the loveIIrugby site, which is certainly made by Puma and doesn’t look too bad at all on first glance.


Pic via loveIIrugby

The description accompanying the jersey on the website calls the jersey ‘unmistakably green (is there any other kind of green) through and through’ and adds that as well as having the crests of all for provinces inside the back of the collar, the ‘Ireland badge, Puma logo and O2 sponsor all appear in emphatic fashion over the chest and create a bold, fresh look which will be embraced by Irish fans’.

While we’re not entirely sure about all of that corporate gobbledygook, it looks alright to us.

So, what do we all think?