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30th Sep 2014

Pic: These Arjen Robben as E.T.’s lookalike photos are superb

I'll be right here Arjen...

Paul Moore

I’ll be right here Arjen…

Bayern Munich resumed their Champions League duties this evening when taking on CSKA Moscow in the empty Arena Khimki.

To be honest, we didn’t think that the German champions would be losing any sleep over the Russians but this didn’t prove to be the case.

Unfortunately for Bayern’s players they were forced to evacuate their hotel in the early hours of Monday morning due to a fire alert in their hotel. We still reckon that a few of them hit the snooze button though.

It seems that even multi-millionaire footballers aren’t immune to the cold though as Arjen Robben skulked out into the Moscow streets with a blanket wrapped tightly around him.

We’re sure that as soon as Robben heard about the fire he dived out of bed and ran to the nearest exit without falling over.

What happened next is one of the many reasons why we absolutely love the internet.

After the fire scare was over, we really hope that Pep Guardiola tried to usher the talented Dutch striker back into the hotel by saying “Come”, to which Robben replied (we hope) “Stay”.